Challenges: Gen challenges

Challenges that are only gen, no pairings.

Challenge # 2 - lots of tony angst by lisareed

your challange ifyou accept the it is to torment tony givehim some one close to him die that the others have never met like twin sister or brother, family.
or maybe have him married and had a wife and child who has died and years after the memory has come back to haunt him

no relationships with any one for tony
Answers to the challenge:
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Challenge # 3 - tony bonding with gibbs by Lisareed

is to get gibbs to bond with tony for example if he gets hurt gibbs comforts him in a het way.
and to explain why tony know so much more about gibbs emotions and looks and what makes him work more then any of his wives in a nonslash way

friendships all around
Challenge # 40 - Tony h/c with Gibbs/Tony friendship by Yellow-screen

I would really love to read a story in which Tony and Gibbs get into trouble together. I donĀ“t know, they could be taken hostage or something,maybe Tony gets hurt and Gibbs gets all protective about him.

You know, just a nice friendship story where we can have a little sneak at the father-like feeling Gibbs has for Tony.

Answers to the challenge:
Challenge # 89 - crossovers by lisareed

more n.c.i.s crossovers needed ex. the sentinel we have seen that tony has better then good eye sound and smell he is the sentinel and gibbs is the guide.

no slash but have them dealing with tony needing gibbses support more then ever and gibbs dealing with the fact that he has to help tony and support him.
Answers to the challenge:
a new beginning
Challenge # 107 - Tony's Oath by CrimeSceneTech_Indy

Tony's loyalty to Gibbs is questioned. He must prove to the world that, at heart, he is both a marine and Gibbs' man.
Must have one or all of these:
Tony enter Basic
Tony swearing an oath of loyalty to Gibbs
Tony as noncom in a marine unit
Tony dying to prove himself to Gibbs
Jen Sheppard getting chewed out by Gibbs
"Don't ask me to leave you and turn back. I will go where you go and live where you live. Your people will be my people, and your God will by my God."

Friendshipfic, please.
Feel free to do Tony_angst or Gibbs_angst.
Tony can die, but Gibbs can't.
Challenge # 173 - Why Not? by PoPCoRn

Why not write a story about Gibbs having a teenage god daughter? The girl could have a father who is in the marines or something to that extent. Her father ends up being murdered and she ends up in the care of Gibbs. Of course the team tries to solve the murder.

No parings and if you decide to write on this please don't make the girl to be a teenage air head who's in to too much pink. In other words, don't make her too girly.
Answers to the challenge:
Hello Columbus
The Cherry Bomb Incident
Challenge # 264 - DiNozzo gets mad by lisa reed

I just watched the episode about the kid with the bomb in the school and i was peeved about the way the madam director(don't realy like her) but i would liketo see a confrontation with her about removing the kids dad from the sceane and mabye build it up like she is obbsesed with gibbs and tony trys to stop and becasue of the thing with gibbs n.c.i.s is suffering and se needs to be replaced hopefully with tom again.

no pairings just team bonding and friend ship.
Challenge # 281 - Tony & Gibbs Undercover by adrian

do a fic where Tony and Gibbs need to go undercover... as father and son.
No one else thinks they can pull it off
can they
remember tony does not have a good relationship with his real father
can gibbs handle it

no interteam pairings, slash or het
preferably no romance at all
Challenge # 290 - How they met by Friday

come on! Im online on this webb page evry day reading Gen storys, But there is only a few about How Tony and Gibbs met, What happend? what did Abby and Ducky think of him?

And I have only read one story about how Abby started at NCIS, how she and Gibbs has an father to doughter realetionship....

were does this people come from and who are they?

(I know my spelling SUKS, but i refer to read than to whrite) /Friday

GEN, Gibbs Tony friendship, Abby Gibbs friendship.
Challenge # 301 - 9/11 by Lisa

a thought that with tonys dad owns his business and the business Headquarters was in the two towers and tony took his heavily pregnet girlfriend to meet him and he lost his dad and girlfriend. this happened before N.c.I.S and he hasnt told the team about it. and a soldier dies at ground zero taking the team there bring old memories to the surface.

no pairing but bonding between gibbs and tony ducky as well if you want
Challenge # 324 - yellow submarine by Lynn

A mission leads (bomb-thread) on to a military ship.
What if the bomb goes off and the team has to get off board onto a life raft?

DiNozzo/Gibbs centered but all of the team should somehow show up

no slash

Challenge # 330 - undercover and in trouble by me2007ow!

Ok, how about Tony's suddenly gone missing and Jenny tells Gibbs that it's cause of his undercover mission. Gibbs gets all protective and yells at everyone to find Tony. Then Tony shows up for work the next day without a scratch and pretends that everything's normal cause he doesn't know that Jenny told anybody about his disappearance. Then him and Gibbs fight cause he was so worried... just a cute little fic showing how Gibbs is protective of Tony like the son he never had.

Absolutely no male slash. Or fem slash either. Preferably no pairings at all. Feel free to make up some undercover mission or just use the one they're bringing out in season 4.
Challenge # 331 - Reversal by Meg

Reverse the events of Ice Queen and Meltdown. Instead of Gibbs and his team investigating Harm for murder, have Harm and Mac suspecting Gibbs of murder.

No slash and no sex scenes. Nothing rated stronger than the show.
Challenge # 332 - Gibbs Hurt/Comfort by Meg

There aren't enough stories with an injured Gibbs out there. So, your challenge is to have Gibbs injured in some way. But it can't be anything where he loses a limb or anything graphic like torture.

No Slash
No sex scenes
Nothing rated stronger than the show
No torture or really graphic content
Challenge # 333 - Buffy Cross: Wanted Xander Harris by izzygirl

Takes place 2x14 Innocence and NCIS: third season. What if Xander stole the "best present ever" AKA rocket launcher from a Navy Base?

a lot of Gibbs and Xander interaction. Wnat this to be in NCIS land. No charater bashing and no automaticly becoming best friends with everyone.
Challenge # 336 - A/U Viv Challenge by Meg

The last scene of Meltdown had Viv seriously screw up a case because of her own tunnel vision, and nearly get Gibbs killed in the process. Since they recast the role and put Kate in instead, we never saw the aftermath.

For this story, assume Viv stays on the team instead of Kate and didn't leave. It's the team's next case together, how do they handle things? What kind of tension develops?

Genre: A casefile like the series
Pairings: Preferably nothing, especially not slash.
Rating: PG-13/T or thereabouts
Length: At least 5,000 words.
Specific Inclusion: Viv needs to be put in the position of having to back Gibbs up in some way in a critical situation.
Challenge # 339 - Serious High School Fanfic by Meg

Write a story about one of the NCIS characters in high school. A serious one - you can't bring in the other characters. It's just about the one character you refer to write about. Explore what type of student they are, their difficulties or lack thereof with peers, grades, family pressures, etc. A crime is okay to include, especially if it helps point them in the direction of their future careers. All seven Season 4 cast members are eligible, as are Viv Blackadder, Kate Todd, and Ari Haswari.

- This HAS to be serious, not one of the ones that's done for fun with everyone in high school.
- The focus needs to remain on the character's life as a high school student. No slash, no sex content.
- Please keep rating PG/PG-13.
Challenge # 343 - plane crash by Gibbsfan

The whole Team is on a plane as it crash in a forest!!Gibbs is badly injured and they have to get him to a hospital to save his life!!Which is complicated as they have to hide from the people who sabotaged there plane!

-Team Friendship
-Gibbs hurt
-no Gibbs/Kate pairing
Challenge # 357 - Tony On Reality Show by KGibbs

Tony applies for a position on one of the "reality" series, ie. Survivor, Big Brother, The Mole (I know it's no longer on, but it was a good one), etc. Anything you like, even if it's cancelled. Write his experience.

Don't have him win the money, since then he would probably be too rich to work at NCIS. But feel free to have lots of fun with humor. And let him screw some stuff up!
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