After Gibbs
03. First blood
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"You're in luck Probie", Tony announced, McGee looked up expectantly.

"Not you, Probalicious; Probie number 2", he grinned at Doris.

"We got a case on your very first day. Let's roll."

There was a flurry of activity as guns were loaded and bags and coats grabbed. The four of them crushed into the elevator and Tony hit the button. As they waited in silence, McGee noticed that Doris' arm was pressed against his. That arm was tingling. The other arm was touching Ziva. It was slightly warm from Ziva's body temperature, but it wasn't tingly. He started to feel a tightness in his throat as his heart thumped a little harder. He was rather relived when the lift doors opened and they could all spread out again.

Once in the car park Tony lead them to the van.

"I'll go in the back", McGee volunteered.

Tony put a arm out across his chest to stop him moving, "No you won't", he explained patiently, "that position is reserved for the Probie. Agent Chin", he invited, "Step right this way".

Doris marched confidently up to the rear of the van trying to figure out how she was going to scale such a height and still look professional. In an instant she felt a large pair of hands around her waist and McGee lifted her into the back of the van. She looked around in surprise and he hoped she couldn't see what the effect of grabbing her around her tiny waist was having on his anatomy.

"Probie!" Tony admonished McGee.

"Come on, Tony, we'd be here all day if we waited for her to climb up there", McGee explained, "and I'm not Probie."

"McGeek?" Tony offered.

McGee shot him an evil stare. Then he froze in horror as the engine started "Ziva's in the driver's seat".

"Hold on tight to something", McGee yelled back to Doris shutting the rear door of the van as Tony ran for the front seat. McGee only just managed to shut the passenger door before the van screeched out of the car park in a blaze of dust.

They made record time. As Tony and McGee got shakily out of the car, Ziva headed off to the cordoned off house that was their target. Tony and McGee went round to the rear of the van.

"How you doin' there, Probie", called Tony, opening the rear door. Doris was bravely trying to smile normally but her white knuckles gripping a side rail betrayed her true fear.

"Fine", she gasped.

She crept to the edge of the back shelf and McGee made to help her. Tony gave him a warning look and he checked his original action and just held out a supporting hand for her which she used gratefully. Tony raised an annoyed eyebrow and shook his head.

"Let's go profiler", he ordered.

Although the house appeared innocuous from the street, blood could be seen sprayed across the windows as the three approached. Tony grinned, ‘blooding' the new recruit was going to be a bit more literal than he had first planned. Ziva met them at the door, fresh-faced and excited.

"Bomb took out a marine couple, there are pieces everywhere", she panted excitedly.

McGee swallowed hard. He felt duty bound as a senior officer to plough on in, but as a human being, he wanted to run far, far away. He looked down at Doris who was nervously peering around Tony. Probably the quickest way for her to loose all respect for him, apart from falling asleep in her chair, was to throw up on her. He took a deep steadying breath and headed in.

It was approximately two seconds between the time Doris laid eyes on the carnage and the time she sprinted out the door to throw up in the garden. Tony laughed. McGee scowled at him and headed back out after her. He found her on her knees throwing up into a bush trying to keep her long hair out of the way with one hand.

"Here", he said gently, sweeping up her hair and doing a quick plat. Having a sister had its advantages. Not many, granted, but you certainly learnt to plat hair. "I'll get you some water" and he headed off back to the van.

By the time he had returned she was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed in a lotus position, eyes closed, breathing calmly.

"Doris?" he started.

She opened her eyes, "Oh thanks," she said reaching out her hand for the water. She took a sip and swallowed deeply. "I'm really not cut out for this, am I", she looked straight into his eyes.

"No one does well on their first one", he reassured her.

"I thought I'd be fine", she continued, "I did the autopsy thing without a problem."

"Really?" McGee was impressed, "I threw up on Ducky's shoes".

She giggled, "Really?"

"Oh, yeah".

She smiled at him. Then she returned the bottle and stood up resolutely. "Let's try again".


On the drive back, Tony reflected on the recovery time of this new agent. Sure she had freaked on the first sight, anyone would, even seasoned FBI agents might have hurled at this one. But she had rallied, come back for more and done her job. He had high hopes for her so long as McGee didn't keep trying to baby her.

McGee opened the rear door of the van when they arrived back at headquarters to find Doris calmly waiting with a serene smile on her face. He smiled back and as she moved to jump down, he got an eyeful of one of her breasts. An unbidden, unwanted thought shot through his mind, ‘I wonder if I could fit that in my mouth?' He mentally reeled in horror. Doris was becoming the Probie, Tony was becoming Gibbs and now he was evolving into Tony.

Doris jumped down from the van lightly and headed off while he stood frozen in shock.

"McGeek", he heard Tony shout, "What're you gaping at?"

McGee snapped his mouth shut and hurried for the door.